Welcome to the Honda Prelude Wiki at PreludeDriver.com This wiki is exclusively dedicated as a resource for information on, and pertaining to, Honda Preludes. Honda Preludes are beautiful cars, fantastic machines, and a pleasure to drive. For those of us who are true Prelude enthusiasts, you know of the immense need there is for a definitive Prelude resource. Friends, let's work together to turn this Wiki into the definitive resource that we so badly need.

As this is a Wiki, it is possible for any of you to contribute content. If you have some information you would like to see posted here, such as a write-up or technical information, please contact the preludedriver.com administrators. I encourage you to share your knowledge so that we can learn together. By working together we will be able to create an extensive base of information to benefit others with a similar passion for Preludes.

Some rules for contributing content: It is our goal to ensure that the information on this Wiki is of the highest quality. If you submit content, I encourage you to use your very best writing skills, punctuation, and grammar. Be respectful of copyright laws, provide factual information, and most importantly, let your passion for Preludes shine through in your writing.

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